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Manga: A Sensitive Soul

Once upon a time in April 2016, there was a feline family in need. Mama Mimi and her two blind kittens (Manawa and Matapo) arrived at our doorstep, along with their fully-sighted sibling, Manga. Despite their uniqueness, no one at adoption events seemed to give any of them a chance. But, one of our big-hearted volunteers fell in love with Mama Mimi. And the cherry on top? She also adopted Manga so he could stay with his mom!

It was supposed to be a happy home for the feline roommates. But Manga just couldn't seem to get along with the other cats. Despite some initial settling-in time, Manga started attacking and ambushing his housemates. Understandably, they were not thrilled with this arrangement. So with a heavy heart, the kind volunteer who had originally welcomed Manga into their home had to return him to our care. It's always tough when things don't work out as planned, but we're thrilled Mimi found the perfect home!

When our furry friend returned to our rescue family, we noticed he was a little on edge. He was like a ball of nervous energy, always on the move and picking fights with his fellow felines. So, we decided to give him his own little "hang-out spot" to take the edge off. And it really helped! Being able to relax in his own space lowered his anxiety and he stopped bickering with the other cats. But, it wasn't quite enough. He started overgrooming his legs to the point where they were almost completely hairless! Poor thing! We took him to the vet and after trying a few different anti-anxiety medications, one finally worked wonders. Unfortunately, after about 6 months it no longer appeared to help and we weaned him off of it. After a couple of months, despite being off medication, his fur grew back beautifully and he seemed to be feeling more comfortable in his own skin.

We didn't give up when the medication stopped working for him. Instead, we put all our efforts into finding ways to help him behaviorally. Our mission was to ease his stress and bring back his zest for life. We gave him plenty of playtime, cuddles, and treat puzzles to keep him happy and occupied. And guess what? It worked like a charm! He stopped plucking his fur, and we were over the moon!

Whenever a new cat joins a household, we humans are thrilled to have another adorable furry companion to dote on. To a resident cat, each new cat is a competition for resources - and their owner's love and attention are at the top of the list. Our own feline friend Manga struggled with this when one of our adopted cats was returned, causing him to revert to his old, habit of plucking his fur. Manga also suffers from digestive issues and is often dehydrated.

We may try medication for Manga again because it helped him so much before. It's not easy when stress is always peering over your shoulder, but we're committed to doing everything we can to make sure Manga gets everything he needs to thrive. And it's all thanks to our incredible supporters! They help us take care of all our rescue animals and fund our community outreach program.

If you want to join in on making a difference in Manga's life, consider sponsoring him for just $25 a month (or whatever fits your budget). Whatever you can afford makes a huge difference - let's help Manga thrive together! Thank you!

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