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Larry: Surviving the Odds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

To tell the story of Larry, we have to start with the story of his mom, Charity. One day our local veterinary office asked us to help an elderly client who had found an incredibly friendly orange cat in need of rescue. As orange cats are my kryptonite and we had space, I said yes. When I arrived to pick up the cat it wasn't so much an orange cat as a cat with orange on it. She was a calico and was VERY pregnant! Talk about a surprise package! Charity, the kitty mom-to-be, was named after the vet receptionist who reach out to us to save her.

We took Charity to the vet for a check-up and they confirmed she was pregnant. One of our favorite vet techs guessed she was 3 days away from giving birth and he was spot on! Exactly three days later I woke up to the sounds of kittens mewing for attention. As I inspected the new arrivals, I noticed one little kitten left by himself, cold and hardly breathing. I slowly warmed up the tiny guy and reunited him with his mom, and to my delight, he quickly bounced back and grew up to be the largest of the litter. Meet Larry, a true miracle kitten!

Since North Valley Veterinary Clinic asked us to help their client by rescuing Charity, we named the kittens after the veterinary staff at the time which included Dr. Larry Bosma - Larry's namesake.

When Larry and his mom were diagnosed with stomatitis, life certainly threw them a curveball. This autoimmune disease caused them both pain and discomfort with inflammation and mouth ulcers. Larry's case was no walk in the park - with multiple rounds of treatment including tooth extractions, antibiotics, and steroids. Eventually, the decision was made to remove his remaining teeth, which may seem like a major move but often resolves the severe symptoms of stomatitis. Charity had recovered beautifully when all of her teeth were removed and the hope was that Larry would respond similarly. And luckily, he did!

After more than 4 years of fighting stomatitis, Larry was finally happy and healthy. However, his difficult past left him with some behavioral issues and high-stress levels. Due to his long history with us, lack of adoption interest, and potential health concerns, we welcomed him as one of our cherished long-term residents. Larry may have had a tough journey, but his resilience and affectionate nature continue to warm the hearts of all who know him.

Thanks to our amazing donors, Larry's life has turned into a blissful haven of joy, cuddles, and endless playtime. Instead of braving the harsh realities of the streets, he is living the life of his dreams, surrounded by safety and love. By supporting us, you are not only supporting Larry but also helping other animals in our care. Be a superhero and sponsor Larry today at!

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