You love animals, but aren't sure how you can help?

Here are a few suggestions!

Foster a Dog or Cat in Your Home!
Volunteer at one of our Antelope Valley Adoption or Outreach Events


We need a large number of volunteers for these events, such as Site  Coordinators, Greeters, Adoption Counselors, Groomers, Dog Handlers, and Cat Socializers. 


Experts Needed!

Volunteer using your specialty, such as graphic design, marketing, computer programming, public relations, etc.  Use your expertise to support animals in need! 


Returning Phone Calls from Pet Owners Needing Guidance or Assistance 


Ruff Patches focuses on educating current pet owners and future pet owners for both the pet and the human's benefit. The best way to do this is one on one! We receive numerous phone calls from pet owners with questions, including those needing help in order to keep their pet.