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Community Programs

Our main mission is to keep pets in their current homes by supporting pet owners when they need assistance. We have two programs designed to support pet owners so they can keep their pet rather than give them up due to lack of resources.

Ginger, a calico cat, gives side eye to the camera.

Behavioral Assistance

Is your dog driving you nuts barking? Does your cat go to the bathroom outside the litter box? We know that, although you love your pet, you may not have the money for a trainer or behaviorist. We want to help! Our program is free. We just need a bit of information to get started. Please fill out the appropriate form at the links below. 

Cat Behavior Counseling Program             Dog Behavior Counseling Program

Rainy Day Fund

Our Rainy Day Fund provides food, supplies such as leashes, collars, and toys. We would like to thank Maddie's Foundation for making these programs possible! We just need a little basic information from you to get started! Apply here! 

Rehoming Your Pet

Unfortunately, we aren't able to take in animals at this time and no longer show pets at Petsmart. However, there is a great program that allows you to find a home for your pet yourself. 

Rehome from Adopt-A-Pet

This program allows you to list your own pet online and provides advice on how to find the right adopter for your pet. 

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