Our Community Programs

Ruff Patches is an animal rescue organization that operates completely through foster homes. Although we are unable to take in your pet (or the pet you rescued), we can provide you with a place for showing your pet for adoption.  Use our expertise to your advantage!  Our volunteers have placed hundreds of dogs and cats in new, loving homes and we would be happy to assist you in re-homing your pet or the pet you rescued. Learn more about this program here !

Rainy Day Fund

We aren't accepting new applications at this time. Please check back after June 2021!

Our Rainy Day Fund is comprised of two different programs - our Pet Food Bank and our Veterinary Assistance Fund (coming soon). We would like to thank Maddie's Foundation for making these programs possible! For more information, click on the links above. 

Our main mission is to keep pets in their current homes by supporting pet owners when they need help. We have three different programs designed to support pet owners so they can keep their pet or, if necessary, to help them place their pet in a new home. We also help individual rescuers place pets as well.