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4 New Animal Laws Going Into Effect in 2017 - Part 3

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

If you missed our earlier post, there are four new pet related laws that are going into effect on January 1st, 2017. To read about the first law, which allows individuals to rescue animals left in cars when the temperature is dangerous, whether too hot or too cold, just click here!

To read about the second law, which increases regulation of kennels and pet hotels, update yourself here.

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The last two laws aren't as intricate as the prior two, but they are extremely important.

Former Fighting Dogs Classification

Until now, dogs impounded by Animal Control from fighting situations were automatically classified as "vicious dogs" and therefore deemed too dangerous to adopt out or even work with. However, the change of the definition of "vicious dogs" made by bill AB 1825 removes that classification from dogs pulled from such situations. They will actually have a chance at a real life and a real loving home, or behavioral support if needed, instead of never having a chance at all! It's about time!

Carbon Dioxide Gas Chambers

Many inhumane ways of euthanasia of dogs and cats have been deemed illegal, including the high-altitude decompression chamber, Nitrogen gas and Carbon monoxide gas. This bill adds Carbon dioxide to the prohibited list. According to an LA Times article, "...the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that said animals are terrified when placed in the gas chambers and often take minutes to lose consciousness as their organs shut down." Finally, no more dogs or cats will needlessly suffer this horrendous way of dying.

I hope you are as excited about these new laws as we are, here at Ruff Patches! All of our companion animals will be better off with these new laws in place.

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