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Shifting Focus

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Over the past 10 years, our organization has done a bit of everything. If it was needed, we tried to help.

We've rescued and placed animals in loving homes. We've trapped, fixed and returned feral cats to their caregivers. We've supported low-income and homeless pet owners with food and supplies. We've counseled pet parents having behavior issues with their dog or cat. We've walked members of our community through raising bottle baby kittens and finding them homes. We've helped worried pet parents with veterinary bills. We've supported independent rescuers with advice, support, and placement of their rescued pets.

With so many needs to fill, we recently took a step back to determine how we could make the biggest difference in our community with the limited resources we have. With that in mind, our Board of Directors has decided to narrow our focus to supporting current pet parents in need. What does that mean exactly? Let me explain!

Our main focus will be providing behavioral advice, counseling and support to owners who have run out of hope, resources, or time. No pet should become homeless because they bark inappropriately, chew the furniture or have litter box issues. Dog and cat behavioral counseling will be available for free or on a sliding scale. We will also provide pet food and supplies as they are available.

We are very excited about expanding our behavior program and look forward to healing broken relationships between pets and their parents. Keep an eye out for new blog posts that will walk you through how to fix a variety of simple behavior issues on your own and will hopefully help you understand your fur-child a bit better. (If you have any specific questions, email me at You could see your question featured on our blog!)

It has been an honor to serve Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley over the last 10 years and we look forward to the next 10. Thank you for making us a valued member of the community!


Christina Kilby

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