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Matapo, our blind kitty, needs your help

Updated: May 14, 2022

UPDATE: Unfortunately Matapo succumbed to his illness on March 9th, 2022. This little man will forever be in our hearts.

We have some heartbreaking news.💔Matapo (Tata for short), our blind little Superman, was rushed into North Valley Vet Clinic last Tuesday because he was acting a bit off. Once I checked on him, I saw his gums were pale and he was dehydrated so we headed over. We did blood work and found out he was in kidney failure and was severely anemic. While trying to figure out what exactly was going on, he also received a blood transfusion on Wednesday. It is strange for a 5-year-old to be this severe.

We returned on Monday to run more lab work. Unfortunately, his hematocrit was lower than before the blood transfusion. It was devastating news. 😭The next step is to try a hormone injection to help his body make new red blood cells. He is also on fluids for his kidney disease. We aren't sure if the hormones will make a difference but we are hopeful. Besides sleeping a bit more, he's still acting relatively normal. Some of his habits have changed. We are making him as happy as possible while we figure this out. 💖

In the meantime, we need help paying his bills which come to $1430.26 and that's without his upcoming hormone injections. We want to give this baby every chance he has and your support means the world to us. And even more to him! We really couldn't do this without you. If you'd like to help Tata by donating, we would be forever grateful!

UPDATE 3/3/22:

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that Matapo's hematocrit is up to 35% from 14% which means his anemia is under control! 😻

Unfortunately, the reason we know

is Matapo had a bit of a scare yesterday. When he was lined up for his breakfast, he had a seizure. 🙀We rushed him to North Valley Vet. They believe his kidney disease is to blame. The vet increased his sub Q fluids and gave him some new meds. So far he is back to normal, but we are checking on him every hour and looking for signs of seizure. Without our amazing community, we wouldn't be able to help this sweet baby in his time of need. THANK YOU!

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