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Ayesha:The Ginger Princess

In the Spring of 2020, we were contacted by a woman who found 2 mamma cats hold up in a garage with their kittens. Her mother, Imari, was one of those cats and she had 4 orange kittens - 2 boys and 2 girls. Now here's something special: you don't see too many female orange cats since they make up less than a fifth of all ginger kitties! Sadly though, we lost one girl before she could be adopted due to fading kitten syndrome when she was only 3 weeks old. Fortunately however, we found homes for the others soon after that.

Ayesha had a tough time adjusting to her new, adopted home. With all the other cats around and feeling stressed, she reacted by striking out both with claws and teeth -- ouch! We always take our rescues back if the adoption doesn't work out, and we wouldn't give up on her. Instead we gave Ayesha plenty of space while slowly reintroducing her to her old environment and took things at her pace.

There were three other cats living in the room she moved into, one of which was her mom. We gave Ayesha all the space and time necessary for them to get reacquainted on their own terms. After about 2 months, we let her mix with the rest of the group. Through love and patience we showed Ayesha that love conquers fear in more ways than one and that she could trust us.

With a tendency to bite when scared or stressed, we decided that the newest member of our rescue family was best suited for a forever home with us! Thanks to your generous donations and products, you've helped provide these cats safe places where they can live out their lives. You truly make an impact - thank you!

If can't resist Ayesha's gorgeous face, you can help us care for her by sponsoring her! Visit to sign up!

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