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Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence not only affects humans, it also affects pets. Victims of domestic violence do have a choice in these unfortunate situations, and now have a choice for their pets as well.

The Animal Safety Net (ASN) assists many domestic violence victims by offering temporary housing for their pets, taking them out of harm's way, and allowing domestic violence victims to relocate to a shelter.

ASN provides a safe haven for the pets of battered victims. When domestic violence occurs, pets are often threatened or harmed by the violent partner. By providing shelter and care for pets, ASN helps victims leave an abusive home and go to a domestic violence shelter without the fear that their animals may be left behind in a dangerous environment.

spcaLA understands how traumatic domestic violence can be and is proud to assist victims. For more information on the Animal Safety Net program, please call the: ASN Info Line (888) 527-7722.

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