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Pet Outreach Program

Ruff Patches is an animal rescue organization that operates 

completely through foster homes. Although we are unable to take

in your pet (or the pet you rescued), we can provide you with a

place for showing your pet for adoption.

Use our expertise to your advantage!  Our volunteers have

placed hundreds of dogs and cats in new, loving homes and we

would be happy to assist you in re-homing your pet or the pet

you rescued. 

Please note: We must meet your pet before enrolling him

or her in our program. We retain the right to deny entry into

our program and the right to ask you to leave the program at

any time. 


Our outreach program is designed to help people with the

following situations:

  • The owner of a dog or cat who wishes to find their pet a new

  • An individual who has rescued a dog or cat and has made a
    reasonable attempt to find the owner of the animal. (You
    may be asked to demonstrate proof that you 
    have searched
    for the owner – flyer or newspaper ad.) 


What our program will do for you:

  • Provide a safe atmosphere for your dog or cat to be seen by individuals interested in adopting a pet.

  • Provide thorough screening of potential adopters, including a visit to their home to ensure the safety of the pet. 

  • We do NOT do same day adoptions. You will need to pick up your dog or cat at the end of each adoption day. 

  • Require the adopters to sign a legally enforceable contract with Ruff Patches nd the final adopter to ensure the future welfare of the pet.


For more information on our program, please review the PDF files below (click the PDF icon):


  • Dog Outreach Program Package







  • Cat Outreach Program Package 







If you are interested in participating in the Dog or Cat Outreach Program, please contact us at 818-714-1147 or email us at 


Pet Outreach Program

Our cat adoption area at Petsmart
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